Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cooking With Family

Its been a long time but this past week I had the most wonderful time being home and being able to hang out with my family every day. For my brother's graduation my Uncle, my cousin and his girlfriend came to visit. We held a party for my brother on Sunday night and grilled chicken, sausage burgers and my favorite snappy grillers  - its a New York specialty that my cousin brought for us - they're hot pork hot dogs but its unlike any other hot dog in the world! We had grandma's famous pasta salad and potato salad which made the meal complete. The rest of the night was spent watching the Celtics and Heat game and roasting s'mores outside while the sun went down. 

[brother opening presents]

The next day the girls went on a little adventure to Silver Lake while the boys went golfing in the mountains. It was a long scenic drive and and we stays for a few hours walking in the warm shallow water and snacked on some fruit and crackers. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. We went into town on the other side of the mountain and had an appetizer and class of wine at this little place called The Galleria before meeting the boys over at a Mexican restaurant called Tarahamara's that had the BEST mole sauce I've ever tried. We were all starving so we shared entrees and an amazing corn and jalapeno clam appetizer with margaritas and watched the Thunder beat the Spurs!

 [silver lake]

[rock hunting with mom]

 [the galleria]

[caprese salad]

The last day I was there my uncle and I collaborated on dinner and I must say we came up with one heck of a meal. He made his famous homemade alfredo sauce and I made my lemon broccoli [recipe to come] which we topped the pasta with. For an appetizer we had crab cakes with a tangy southwestern remoulade and lemon wedge. 

[in the kitchen]

[making the remoulade]

[lemon broccoli recipe to come]

 [cooking scallops]

 [crab cakes]

 [the making of the alfredo sauce]

 [succulent scallops]

 [plated crab cake with southwest remoulade and lemon]

[main course - alfredo pasta with lemon broccoli and seared scallops]

All in all I had a wonderful time and there will be recipes to follow! Enjoy!


Twig said...

It was an Awesome meal for sure! Simple and easy. Made by a couple of my favorite chefs. So much fun watching them prepare and even more for those of us lucky enough to it all gobble up!

Conna said...

Lovin' your blog. This meal looks incredible. I need a scallop lesson!