Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long time no blog...

Hello again everyone!
I am so sorry it's been so long since my last post.
Between school and work and trying to have a social life during my senior 
year in college I completely put my blog on the back burner. 
From now on I will try to post when I can - but probably not 
every week - sorry Aunt Melanie!!

I know it was a long time ago but I still want to write about how WONDERFUL my
New York trip was this year. I cannot express how much I enjoy and value spending
time with my family. When I was younger I used to complain about going to the lake
all the way up until we actually got there, and when the time came to go back home
I was devastated because I was having so much fun. I soaked up all the goodness this 
summer - it was filled with good food, lots of family, and lazy days in the sun. 

[clockwise: breakfast at Dairyman's, ice cream twist at the pier, heart shaped out of coral stones from the lake, a classic snappy griller]

The best part about New York besides the lake, the food, and the sun - was my family. Seeing them once a year is a complete bummer. I miss them like crazy all the other 51 weeks throughout the year. Since most of my readers are family I want you guys to know how much you all mean to me. The times spent at the lake are my memories of growing up. Moving around all the time when I was younger always made me confused as to what to say to people when they asked "where are you from?" But as I grew up and started really valuing my time spent at the lake I realized that New York - Seneca Lake to be precise - is my home. And without my amazing family I wouldn't be who I am today. 
[This year Nana went on her first wave runner ride!]

[some of my favorite shots of the lake]

[this is just the tip of the iceberg of pictures on the things we ate]

Next post will be the famous spinach and artichoke dip recipe - with pictures included! I also have an idea in mind to start blogging about things my friends and family cook and send me pictures of. So keep posted and look forward to the next entry! 

I must give a special thanks to my Aunt Melanie you recently got on my butt about not blogging lately. She also is one of my absolute favorite people to cook with - always has the best recipe ideas and knows all about how the best ingredients usually make for the best results. I have gathered so much inspiration from her and the things we cook together at the lake every summer, I hope this post lives up to her expectations! Lastly all of these pictures wouldn't have looked so fabulous if she didn't let me borrow her Cannon Rebel for the entire week :)

Until next time - happy Sunday!

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