Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Read

Since I am already on top of accomplishing things on my to-do list I decided to add another thing to it. But first things first - one thing everyone should know about me is that I love parsley - as in I love it so much that I could just eat it straight from the stems if I had to. However, since parsley is about the only herb I use on a daily basis I came to the conclusion that I should broaden my horizons and learn about the thousands of other herbs out there in the world. Last year for Easter my grandmother gave me a fantastic herb book that I recently found hidden away in a bookshelf. 

The book is called The Cook's Herb Garden by gardener Jeff Cox and chef Marie-Pierre Moine. Its so far a great book because not only does it teach you about other herbs but it also teaches you how to plant, maintain, harvest and store them too! There is a complete herb index as well as recipes, popular food pairings and herbal tea recommendations. It is one of the most informational recipe books I have come across so far. Now if I finish this book I guess I can add "plant an herb garden" to my to-do list - maybe! 

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